Saturday, March 5, 2011


"Denial has driven the final nail in many a coffin." Xavier

I was going to title this post "One and a half men and a raving lunatic" but opted for "Denial" as it is more fitting.
First off I'd like to say that Two and a Half Men is one of my favorite sitcom's. It ranks right up there with All in the Family, The Honeymooner's, Cheers, and Seinfeld. One of the things all of these comedies have in commom is that they deal with the dysfunctional personality. Humor has a way of taking the edge off reality and allowing us to heal ourselves.
Secondly, I have some personal insight into the meat of this post, as I have fought my own battles with the demons of Alcohol abuse. I know personally that denial has been and always will be, a major stumbling block in the path of anyone who is dealing with alcohol or substance abuse.
During the past week the american public has been force fed a lot of information about one of the stars from Two and a Half Men. Our media seems to thrive on sensationalism. The public then gladly gobbles it up. I watched Dateline last night. It was primarily interviews with Chucky. He talked of his Tiger Blood and his Adonis DNA. He at times rambled on about who knows what. Said things that didn't make much sense. I was bothered by some of his statements about AA. He bad mouthed them in a major way. AA has helped millions of people recover from alcohol abuse and to lead more productive lives.
Over all the show pretty much documented an egotistacal lunatic in action. Not only is he in denial, but those who surround him are as well. Apparently about one million plus fans are to as they signed on to his new Twitter page as followers.
I try to avoid the tabloids and media shows. I just don't like to clutter up my life with this kind of fluff. But, I think seeing Dateline last night brought home the ugly truth about a person who I've enjoyed watching over the years. Apparently, he is a hundred times worse than the character he portrays on the show. He is one of the "pretty people" out there. They seem to have a bigger problem with denial than us average folk because they are always surrouned by enablers who keep reminding them how "pretty" they are.
I am beginning to wonder if the "Chucky" from the movie fame and the "Real Chucky" that does the sitcom are one in the same.
I have compassion for his family and his true friends for having dealt with his abuse over the years. This whole thing has reminded me of a saying I heard in childhood, "Rave on catshit, somebody will come along and cover you up". I just hope they do before lives are lost. Xavier