Thursday, April 26, 2012

Update on Me and the big C

If it's possible for a little light to shine on the Darkside, I think it did. At the beginning of my operation to have part of my left lung removed, the Dr. went in with a scope after deflating the lung. He noticed more cancer in my ribcage and did a biopsy. It was sent to be analized while I was still out. It appeared to be the same as the sample they took from the lung a month earlier, so a decision was made not to remove the lung. After a ten day wait while they tried to decide for sure if it was lung cancer,they came to the conclusion that it was not lung cancer but stage four breast cancer. I guess the bottom line here is that the breast cancer will be more responsive to treatment than lung cancer which has spread to other parts of the body. More time, perhaps. I've been receiving treatments every two weeks. And also started bone treatments to strengthen my bones. The bone treatments are painful for a couple of days then I'm back to normal. I feel good most of the time but I do tire easily. Thanks for the prayers sent and words of encouragement. Xavier