Sunday, April 24, 2011

Tom gets suckered by the rubber lady!

Spring turkey hunting season employs a very primal instinct. Sex. Tom turkeys are out looking for a little nookie. It's as old as time itself. So it's always struck me as being a little devious that we who hunt them are being just a tad bit dishonest. The turkey is not thinking with his very sharp and alert brain during this time of year.
When turkey season first opened here in Missouri a person could not use artificail decoys. It made it more difficult to get a turkey then as the hunter had to be extra cunning. The change in the law that allowed decoys has changed that dramatically. Once old Tom sees what he thinks is a lady friend he becomes oblivious to any thing else in his surroundings. The result usually leads to his demise.
You've probably heard jokes about men and inflateable dolls. Well they make inflateable turkey decoys. And I'm sure Mr. Tom doesn't consider them a joke as they can and often are deadly to them.
Why is this on my dark side blog? I have mixed emotions about this style of hunting. You have to be a little twisted to take advantage of Tom in this manner. So, you guessed it, I'm a little twisted. Besides, wild turkey is very tasty. And much healthier for you as it doesn't have a bunch of artificail stuff and chemicals in it's diet.
Gobble Gobble. X.