Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mother Natures Darkside

As I walked out my front door yesterday I noticed something fall out of a tree in the front yard. Right behind it was a Blue Jay. The first thing I saw fall was a young bird. The Blue Jay landed beside it and began pecking at it. By the time I got to the young bird and scared off the Blue Jay the young bird was dying. It was a Morning Dove. This made me furious. I have heard of the Blue Jay doing a lot of things but this act was just pure evil. Just goes to show that man isn't the only evil being on this planet. X.

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  1. Jays are in the Crow/Magpie family I believe. That would make sense then. The corvids prey on smaller birds - mostly hatchlings. I was very sad to see a crow snatch a starling chick last summer. I know birds rarely see all their chicks grow to adulthood, but it's a terrible thing to see.