Tuesday, January 29, 2013


The last few days have been unseasonably warm and rainy. Temps the last few days have been in the 60's. Quite a change from the cold we've been having. Actually set a record yesterday.
There are many of us who battle with 'seasonal affective disorder'. Lack of sunlight is the main culprit, and this month has been no exception with many a cloudy day.
I take doses of vitamin D along with St. Johns Wort to help with the blahs that bother me. It was years before I was able to find out what caused my mid winter depressions.
Just a little info from the Darkside if you are wondering why you get the blahs about this time each year. X.

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  1. I suffer from SAD every year at this time. There is that letdown after the holidays and the seemingly endless gray days of winter. This is why I am going to make Imbolc so important to me this year.