Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"Shit" Happens

  • "It's a boy!"
  • He is happy and loving and innocent.
  • He likes cowboys, six shooters and horses.
  • He is tall and skinny now, loves basketball and football.
  • He sees JFK killed on tv at sixteen.
  • He does 'something for his country'. Joins the Marines.
  • He goes to war, kills people, sees his friends die, hates God.
  • He is innocent no more.
  • He turns the page. Has two beautiful daughters.
  • He learns about the heartache of divorce. His past returns from out of the darkness to haunt him.
  • He finds relief in the bottom of a bottle.
          He finds relief from the bottle.
  • He is gifted with three wonderful grandsons.
  • He begins to believe again, but in his own way.
  • He is gifted with someone special.
  • He loves cowboys, six shooters and horses.
  • He's an old 'boy' now!
  •   SXW

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