Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Higher Power

I have always been a 'doubting thomas' about everything. So it is no wonder I would have problems with God. I had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the light.
For me it was a round about way. My drinking led me to the AA groups. There i was able to believe in people who were turning thier lives around. So for a number of years the groups became my Higher Power. I was able to see others making drastic changes in thier lives by following that simple 12 step program.
And then there was that time I read a statement that said, "who are you, to say there is no God". Another thing that helped was that AA allowed me to have a God of my understanding, not a God that someone else was trying to impose on me.
I had always had problems with organised religions with all thier flaws. And with all the different religions how could there be so many Gods.
Today I have gotten comfortable with the concept of a Higher Power which is more in line with some of the nature based beliefs from the past. I think 'Love' is a basic part of this power that I have come to believe in. And that we are here to learn and grow into being better people. And what we don't learn the first time we keep going thru one life to anther until we do. SXW

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